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Top questions to ask when hiring packers and movers

The Top Questions To Ask When Hiring Packers And Movers


Relocating to a new place may be an anxiety-inducing incident. Uprooting oneself from their home to settle down in a completely new place can cause feelings of distress in one. In such a situation, you may avail the services of various packing and moving services who will provide you with smooth working and ease up the process of your move. They will shoulder most of the work of getting your belongings packed and moved at your convenience. Various packers and movers in Chennai will be able to provide you with their efficient services and help you out during such an important time of your life. However, before availing the services of any such company, it is advised to have a basic idea about their work contracts. There are a number of things you should be clear on when employing such a company for their services. In the article below, we have highlighted 10 questions you need to ask before hiring packers and movers for their service.

1.    Is the company licensed?

A set up moving organisation will at any rate go to your place with every one of these archives and references, testimonials and so on to separate themselves from their companion. In any case, in the event that they don’t then request legitimate records to build up the way that there is an honest to goodness business and that you are not managing an individual consultant administration supplier. These reports may be exchanging permits, administration charge points of interest, or their own recognizable proof verifications, for example, voter Ids, skillet cards, and so forth.

2.    What is your company’s permanent address?

You would undoubtedly desire to avoid finding yourself in a situation where you are unable to locate the administration supplier. Therefore, what information can you provide regarding the future location of their warehouse and office? In order to have a place to look for them if there should be a problem, it is important to regularly check on their movements and affirm it if at all possible.

3.    Is the work subcontracted?

You would probably prefer not to keep transferring to numerous service providers, but occasionally movers and packers will actually subcontract the work to other movers. It is important to ask them this question because they frequently represent subcontractors who will empty the container when you receive your goods at your new location. These subcontractors sometimes behave in unexpected ways, so you should be aware of the entire process in advance of when they will provide their services to you.

4.    Can you explain to me the breakdown of your charges?

It is just too confusing how movers and packers evaluate the effort and cost. But you should seek specific, ordered expense estimates. Ask them to keep track of all of the expenses related to the various services, fees, and other costs, provided there are any. thoroughly documented it all, clearing up any confusion and bringing everything into order. You should be aware of the justifications for and methods used to arrive at their fee structure for your services. Since you are aware of all the information about it, you are at an advantage.

5.    What are the payment terms?

One further fundamental factor that matters is the payment term. Do they provide a flexible payment schedule? It is obvious that they require some preparation before delivering the large, but they also expect preparation on the date of pressing and the balance of payment following the delivery of service. Different businesses could have different conditions for payments, but outstanding players can provide you a lot more flexibility.

6.    Do you have any miscellaneous charges?

Since moving companies may easily manage their quote, it is crucial to inquire about it when hiring movers in India. If you see a conditional cost associated with a number, ask them to explain it. Before you finally submit the request, you should clarify whether this is an obvious expense or not. There is no need to argue and fight later. Request that they actually state that there are NO more charges that aren’t included in the ones they may have included in their citation.

7.    Are the vehicles you use your own or rented?

When hiring movers for an interstate move, this is also an important question to make. Moving companies with their own vehicles can be found, but there are also persons that merely rent trucks on an as-needed basis. In any event, when a mover has a vehicle of their own, you can tell that they are prepared and that the cost of transportation can be somewhat lower.

8.    Do you use decent materials for packaging and loading?

Moving companies and packers utilise cardboard boxes to pack items like clothing, crockery, utensils, and so on, but using an old container is not a good idea. They usually do this in order to save money on urgent items. There is no purpose in using used and worn-out boxes unless you are on a low budget. To ensure that your goods will stay safe, always insist on using fresh and new pressing materials such as containers, wraps, and so forth.
The cases can be sealed, tied, held, and loaded with the help of specific tools and equipment of various kinds. Box stacking is made incredibly simple and secure by trolleys. Find out if they have access to this kind of equipment by asking. Simply rethink your decision if not. To ensure that everything is pressed and piled firmly, competent moving companies make use of the latest tools and equipment.

9. What course of action do you take if you miss a deadline?

If they failed to deliver service on schedule, they would face penalties, which you should clearly state. It is one of the most dreadful situations that could possibly arise, and the majority of movers and packers will be ready with a lot of justifications for why they can’t deliver them on time. Just be sure to set a deadline for them while taking all of their justifications into account in advance; if you extend that deadline, they should be penalised.


These are ten necessary questions that you need to ask any packers and movers service that you may avail. You may have a number of choices to take your pick from. Such preliminary questions will help you select the service that is best suited to your tastes and choices and will be able to work most satisfactorily for you. Companies like RKS Transport may be a good choice for you in this context. They work diligently even under tough circumstances, and will provide you with efficient service while employed. Read on to learn about How to choose the best packers and movers in Chennai.

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