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Smart Ideas to Safely Pack Pictures, Mirrors, and Delicate Glass Items -

Smart ideas to pack fragile items

Smart Ideas to Safely Pack Pictures, Mirrors, and Delicate Glass Items


Packing may take a lot of your time, and packing materials made of glass or other such delicate and brittle material may come with additional anxiety during the process. Expensive glassware, photo frames- all such materials may break or get damaged during the process of moving. Bumpy rides, rough handling, improper packaging, etc., all may cause permanent and irreversible damage to the goods. Therefore, it is important to take care while the packaging and moving process to ensure no such damage comes to your belongings. You may take the help of well known and efficient packers and movers to help you in the process and make it relatively smoother. You may select any packers and movers in Chennai to help you attain the same. In this article, we have highlighted five smart ideas to keep in mind while packaging and moving glassware and such delicate stuff.

1.    Buy proper moving supplies

One of the primary steps in packing delicate goods such as glass goods and pictures is to procure proper packaging products at the onset of the event. Do not try to cut costs by buying poor quality packaging products, as they may end up damaging your belongings during the move. Buy heavy duty packaging boxes, or boxes made out of sturdy and strong cardboard, to ensure safe passage of the goods. Also buy good quantities of wrapping material, such as bubble wrap. Also, load up on markers, tape, labels and all such necessary items. Know that having a wide foresight may go a long way in helping you out in the future. Thus, ensure that the materials you procure for packaging your goods are of top-notch quality.

2.    Use wrapping liberally

Wrap your goods in a proper and secure manner. Do not be miserly when using wrapping material to wrap. Procure sufficient amounts of wrapping material, such as bubble wrap, before starting packing. Try to wrap each item at least in two or three layers for maximum security. Cover each item, front bottom and all around. If required, add more layers if you feel a few layers might not suffice. Do not leave any corner or surface of the object not covered by bubble wrap or other wrapping materials. If you wish, you may also cover the wrapped object in a layer of thick cloth to help it stay secured in layers of wrapping. Also remember to keep the shape of the object being packed in mind while wrapping it. A photo frame may be relatively easier to wrap than decorative glass figures or ornamental figurines and objects. In such situations, you may need to work out different modes of wrapping to ensure security of your belongings and goods. Just ensure that you wrap each object sufficiently so as to avoid breakage of your belongings.

3.    Make sure your packing is secure

Another important factor you need to keep an eye on is to ensure that your packaging is sturdy. Your boxes and other packages should be properly sealed and labelled. The packaging of objects should also be done in a proper and systematic manner. Do not try to stuff fragile objects into a single container to save space or money. This may backfire as it may lead to breakage inside the boxes. Pack your belongings properly. If required, include a single object in a single container. You may pack photographs and photo frames together to efficiently utilise limited space. Efficient packing to properly fit everything into a limited number of boxes may work. However, you need to ensure that you do not overstuff or overpack any container, especially if it contains objects made of glass. Packing mirrors may pose an issue too, as they may need elongated boxes and proper packaging to stay prim and proper throughout your moving process. Keeping the fragile nature of your belongings in mind, and packing them in tandem, thus, is of utmost importance. Read about How packers and movers can help with packing and unpacking your belongings.

4.    Load into moving vehicle carefully

The process of loading into your moving vehicles needs to be done with utmost care. Glassware and other related glass goods need to be handled delicately while loading into moving vans. In such a context, it may be advised to engage in the aid of packing and moving services. Various packers and movers from Chennai to Coimbatore will have the requisite skills to help you out, and make the process of your relocation smoother by dealing with necessary technical stuff. They will also take care of packaging and loading, and will perform these tasks with utmost efficiency. While loading, remember to load those containers including glass goods in a proper and firm spot. Do not place any other container over such containers of glassware. If so is done, the additional pressure on the wares may damage or even splinter them. Secure the containers in its spot using either rope or any sort of tool to tie it down and hold it in its place. Also, keep in mind which side of the container should be placed on top and which one should go at the bottom.

5.    Be adaptable for different materials

While dealing with glassware, you may have to pack different times of objects. From mirrors to frames to curios, anything made of glass is delicate and prone to breaking. Thus, you need to be aware of the constituency of the different objects that you wish to pack. You cannot use the same method to pack mirrors as you would do for ornamental goods or cups and saucers. Thus, keep your mind open to new packing techniques, and be able to adapt yourself to different forms of packaging techniques.


In this article, we have highlighted a few smart tips and tricks you should keep in mind when packing objects such as mirrors, pictures and other delicate glass items. You need to have proper materials ready to pack such delicate stuff. You need to wrap it in multiple layers of wrapping materials to ensure maximum security. Be mindful of the packing process and securing the packages. If necessary, as help from your family and friends or even professional companies. Ensure proper loading of the containers into the moving vehicles, and ensure they do not get much scope of moving or sliding about. Finally, keep your horizons open about packaging techniques. If you are unable to properly pack a specific object, try out various other methods. By keeping these tips in mind, you will be able to properly deal with glassware while moving.

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