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Office Shifting Services In Chennai

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Office Shifting Services In Chennai

A perfect solution for your office move!

Are you planning to move your office? RKS Transport specializes in office relocations for businesses of all sizes. We understand that relocating an office may be a time-consuming and tedious task, particularly if day-to-day work must continue without much disruption. That is why we offer a comprehensive set of services in one convenient package that makes your move easier. A total of 68% of employees report experiencing a positive impact due to the office relocation. So Don’t let the relocation process daunt you. We have the experience and resources to make your office transfer as seamless as possible, no matter the size of your company or the quantity of equipment you need to move.

For the past 10 years, RKS Transport has been relocating offices. We, therefore, guarantee that all our staff are true professionals with years of experience. An office move can be stressful, but our team of professionals will handle everything for you. As part of our services, we will pack all your records and documents, disassemble your furniture, take great care with your peripherals and computers, load everything onto the truck, transfer them to your new offices, and then unload, unpack, and install everything for you in your new offices.

We can handle all of your office relocation needs. If you need a partial office move or a full-service business relocation, RKS Transport delivers professional moving services, making us your one-stop office pack and move service. We also provide additional services that you might select to make your moving experience more enjoyable. In addition to office shifting, we also specialize in home shifting services.



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How Our Office Shifting Services Work?

RKS Transport specializes in both small and large office moves. We provide the same quality of service whether you are transferring your entire workplace or just a section of it. We Begin by understanding your company. We discuss your needs, answer your queries, and then provide an on-site consultation with your previous office. The surveyors examine the IT, its connections, and whether the workstations need to be dismantled. They evaluate the layout of the destination and devise a moving plan for safely transporting the things.

We are a trustworthy partner for your office relocation. With thousands of office relocations in Chennai and numerous delighted customers behind us, RKS Transport offers the capacity and know-how to undertake complex relocations while saving you time, and money.

Best Office Shifting Services in Chennai

Office shifting should not affect your business anymore! Let us move your office safely with minimal down time. We understand every minute is important for your business. So we will take every step to make the process as fast as possible. 

Steps To Hire Our Office Shifting services

Fill Out An Enquiry Form

Fill out the enquiry form and provide all the relevant details about your office move, such as the origin and destination locations, any special requirements and contact details. Currently, we offer local office shifting services in Chennai. Also, we provide statewide office shifting services from Chennai.

Receive A Call

Our representative will call you within few hours. With him, you can discuss your office move requirements in detail and ask any questions you may have.

Receive A Quote

Based on the information you provide, RKS Transport Office Packers and Movers will send you a detailed quote for the requested services.

Confirm And Move

After reviewing the quote, you can confirm the booking with us. Then we will schedule the move as per your convenience and provide you with a timeline for the entire process.

Office Shifting Packers and Movers

How do we pack your office furniture and IT devices?

Moving offices without causing any disruption to your business can be difficult at times. In order to free you up to concentrate on operating your business, RKS Transport can organize and handle every aspect of your move from beginning to end. Our office relocation services in Chennai have over a decade of experience, so we can relocate your business to a new location without interrupting your company's activities. We have experience transporting office furniture and know exactly how to bundle and wrap fragile electronics and other equipment to prevent damage while traveling.

Since each office move is unique, we customize the services we provide to match each client's specific requirements and facilitate a seamless move. Our crew will handle everything from wrapping your office furniture, IT equipment, and documents to transporting them to the new location, making our office shifting services in Chennai an ideal solution for all of your relocation requirements.

RKS Transport is aware of your need for safety. Many office records need to be stored securely, but when you shift them from one location to another, they may go missing. Our wrapping methods might be useful because of this. Your cabinetry will not have to be cleaned out of essential documents because we will fully wrap or seal them. In general, this keeps important files in one location where they are safe from outsiders or accidental access by people lacking the necessary expertise.

How we plan your office shifting?

Current Office Space Assessment

Let Us Assess Your Office Space for a Smooth Move!

We will check your current office space in chennai as first step and we will track down the required details such as the size of your office, number of furniture and measurement of furniture. with those details we will be ready with the packing materials and trucks on the moving day.

Create a timeline

Our Timeline Keeps Everything on the Track!

We will start planning for your office move well in advance. And create a timeline that outlines all the tasks that need to be completed during the move such as packing, loading, transporting, unloading, arranging in your new office etc.


Our Experts Make Your Decluttering Effortless!

Before we start packing for your office shifting, we will help you with decluttering your unnecessary items and dispose them properly. Because, this can help reduce the cost of the move and make the unpacking process easier at your new office.

Label and organize

Clear Labels Simplifies Your Move!

We will label all your boxes and items with their respective department names or numbers. And organize them in a way that makes it easy to find and unpack them in your new office. It will save ample amount of time while we unload your things.

IT relocation

Trust Us for a Safe and Secure IT Relocation!

We understand the importance of your IT Infrastructure. We will plan for the relocation of your IT infrastructure, such as servers, computers, and other electronics with proper packaging materials to ensure safety and avoid damage to them.

Coordinate with building management

Relax!! We are Here to Coordinate with Your Building Management!

We will coordinate with your building management to ensure a smooth move-in process. This can include reserving elevators, parking spaces, and unloading your items.

Welcome to RKS Transport!

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Best Office Shifting Services In Chennai At Low Prices

We know that the right move might enable your business to build for bigger things in the future, and we are passionate about helping make that happen peacefully.   Relocating your office is our business, and we will work with you every step of the way, even after hours and on weekends, to limit disturbance to your everyday operations. With a crew that is completely qualified in all aspects of office relocation, we provide transportation, packing, and unpacking services to make the process as effective as possible for those involved. Our team of professionals can dismantle and assemble existing office equipment; alternatively, we can pick it up from the store if you need new office furniture delivered and assembled in your new office location. We specialize in packaging and wrapping for safe transportation. We can also move antiques, valuable paintings, and other items. Fragile boxes will be handled separately and with great care. The team is familiar with how to place the boxes safely so that they don’t tumble and shatter. The moving trucks also contain straps to ensure the safe transfer of your furniture and appliances. 

RKS Transport offers top-class services for every aspect of an office move. Contact us to discuss your needs or concerns that you may have about your office relocation. To learn more about our office shifting services, please contact us at +91 84 5400 5800 or fill out our contact form to receive a free quote!

Office Shifting Checklist For Easier Move

Office shifting checklist


Yes, we do offer intercity (within Chennai and Coimbatore) and interstate (Chennai to Bangalore) office relocation services.

No, there will not be any hidden charges. You will find everything in the quote you receive. Unless there are no last-minute changes to your requirements, the quote remains the same.

To ensure a hassle-free and seamless transfer for you, our professionals adhere to a clearly defined methodology. Office shifting services entail the following steps:

Visit the customer's location beforehand to do an in-depth check of the items to be transferred.
Begin packing by gently disassembling heavy things such as furniture and electronic appliances.
Pack products with the proper materials and cartons.
Load packed stuff into the vehicle
Unload things at the destination
Unpack everything safely

To ensure a safe move, RKS Transport uses the following materials:

Packing paper
Foam mat S
trapping tape
Wooden crates
Bubble Cushioning
Plastic wraps

RKS Transport provides the best office shifting services in Chennai at affordable rates and on-time delivery. All you need to do is call us, and we'll take care of the rest.

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