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How to Set Up a Smart Home After Relocation

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How to Set Up a Smart Home After Relocation


A smart home predicts your needs and gives you the control you need to customize your surroundings. At least that is the pitch. Although connecting everything isn’t easy, the appropriate arrangement and device mix can simplify your life and provide convenience. The smart-home market is challenging due to the plethora of ecosystems and standards that must be negotiated, not to mention the wide range of gadgets. Smart homes are expected to increase and cross the 400 million mark by 2024 . 

As the owner of a smart house, relocating and moving to a new place becomes a daunting experience. It takes effort and trial and error to set up your smart home devices. Furthermore, you need to relocate because you are now at ease with your smart home routine. If you want to take some smart appliances or devices with you, you’ll likely need to uninstall them first. Thermostats, speakers, cameras, switches, and hubs are a few of these. A little work is normally required to remove some, even though they might not separate easily. Other gadgets, though, are more difficult to take out once they’ve been set up, and anyone moving into your former area will be annoyed if you leave them out. Various packers and movers in Chennai will provide you with the necessary service.

Keep Your Router And Network Name Same

Putting all of your smart plugs, speakers, light bulbs, and cameras in boxes for your move may be something you dread. The process will be significantly simplified if you can preserve your router and network name. In doing so, you may find that all of your gadgets instantly recognize the network and reconnect themselves when you first start tearing into those boxes at your new house and plugging your equipment back in. Your previous gadgets can still be used in your new house with the same router, network name, and passwords. Be sure, however, that your collection of smart devices is protected. 

How to Set Up a Smart Home After Relocation?

Keep your existing network name and passwords while configuring your new place if you can’t carry your router with you or if you’re switching to a new internet service provider. Before moving, perform a factory reset on any built-in devices (such as smart locks or thermostats) and stop paying for monitoring if you have any. The gadgets will be prepared for the subsequent occupant after this.

Factory Reset Your Devices

You might want to attempt factory resetting the technology before moving to prevent the headache of uninstalling smart home appliances. By doing this, you can be certain that all equipment will continue to function intelligently and be simple to set up on your new site. The ability to factory reset is only available on a small number of items, and you cannot reset many others. 

The most important thing to understand is that most smart home appliances, such as the Google Nest Thermostat or the Amazon Echo, contain a reset button. Therefore, even if your roommate or partner won’t cancel their account, you can still factory reset your gadgets on your own. You should be aware that performing a factory reset would remove all customizations and history from the device. Because of this, it might not be the best choice for people who have been operating their smart home devices for a while. You’ll need to establish a fresh routine or set of abilities and re-establish contact with your favourite voice assistant.

Label And Make A List

Getting organized will make it simple to recreate your current setup in your new space if it is already where you want it. Make a list of all of your smart home appliances, comprising their names, passwords, locations, and any devices they are connected to, whether you are using a smart hub or just your home network. You can easily replicate your smart home in your new place with the help of an inventory list and map you get from this. The moment for planning has come since you have your inventory and map. To ensure that you don’t skip any crucial procedures, we advise creating a checklist. 

Unpairing and resetting your devices could be necessary. Unpairing the devices from the old network is necessary if you want to use the same router, a new smart hub, a hub for your security system, or a home network. So, although doing it this way negates the point of doing it the simple way, it’s still a crucial step. 

To pair some devices with a new hub or network, you might also need to reset the device to its factory default settings. It’s hoped that if your smart devices are sufficiently young and your firmware and everything else is updated, you won’t need to perform this extra step because this is becoming less and less common. It will be much simpler to set up at the new location if everything is boxed and labeled. You won’t have to rename or fix anything if you connect them all to a smart hub or speaker if you place the correct smart plug in the appropriate room on the appropriate floor.

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Install Smart Hubs

How to Set Up a Smart Home After Relocation?

If there are any hub-type devices present, configure them first before reconnecting everything. This will save you a lot of hassle afterward. If you set up the hub or smart speaker first, all your plugs, lights, and other devices will connect to it automatically, rather than requiring you to set them all up again after setting them up individually.

Go From Room To Room

Set up the remainder of your devices and proceed room by room after you have configured your hub. You can use your handy-dandy guide to aid in the process. Making sure that every gadget is in the appropriate room and on the appropriate floor is simple once you know which gadgets go where. Going forward with it in a planned manner will also help you get done with it more efficiently and help you avoid any mistakes.


You can replicate your current smart home setup at a new address with a little planning and preparation. Just a reliable Wi-Fi connection is all that is required for your smart gadgets to function. You may program automation to help you feel at home in your new location when used in conjunction with a smart hub or speaker. Packers and movers like RKS Transport will be able to provide you with their efficient aid in such a situation.

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