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Top 7 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving Alone for the First Time

tips for moving alone

Top 7 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving Alone for the First Time


Moving may be a huge step for anyone. It entails a change in one’s home, one’s neighbourhood, in one’s routine daily life. It is very common to experience feelings of fear and apprehension during such periods in life. Such emotions may increase tenfold if one has to undertake this journey alone. Going to an alien land, travelling to a new place and settling down in a new home alone may lead to increased anxiety among individuals undertaking such a change. The person in question is exposed to an endless pool of development and potential, making it a life-changing event.

 If you have never lived alone, you probably haven’t needed to create a budget, practice independence, or deal with the overpowering dichotomy of loneliness versus freedom. Along with these things, you probably haven’t had the chance to decorate how you like, meet people in a new place, or find a schedule that allows you to live your life to the fullest. You should feel anxious, so it’s okay if you do. But your first time living alone doesn’t have to be a scary one. We have highlighted below 7 tips to keep in mind while moving alone, as it is better to be prepared. Even during the journey, you can take the help of packers and movers in Chennai who will provide a holistic and efficient moving experience and will help you immensely during the move.

1.    Make a budget

One of the primary steps you should take while moving anywhere alone is create a preliminary budget. You can take the help of tools such as Microsoft Office Excel, etc, to help you create a budget in an organised manner. Having a budget is very important, as it will help you stay grounded. According to your economic standing, you can create this budget. Such a budget will be very helpful in your early days of move, as you have a check on your expenses and thus be able to reduce the amount of money spent unnecessarily. As you are alone, making the budget will also be relatively easier. Keep in mind to include all your expenses and monetary transactions in such a budget, even that of the lowest amount.

2.    Keep a spare key

It is advised for you to have at least one spare key for your house. This may be a master key for your entire house, or just the keys to your front door. Having a spare key will be really fruitful if you happen to misplace your original one. In the early weeks of moving into a new house, the exhilaration and anxiety often makes individuals increasingly forgetful. In such a situation, if you were to misplace your only house keys, you would have to face unnecessary embarrassment. Therefore, it is always advised to have a spare key.

3.    Keep track of emergency numbers

Keep a notepad, or a notes page on your phone, including all the required emergency numbers. This may include the numbers of your parents or any other legal guardians, your close and trustworthy friends, your workplace contact details. Also do include numbers such as that of the ambulance, police, fire station, hospital contacts and other necessary contact details that you might need in time of an emergency. If such a situation were to arise, you would not need to scramble around looking for numbers if you have them compiled in a single spot. Also, keep the compiled list at an accessible spot so as to be able to reach it whenever required.

4.    Make sure to explore

After moving to a new place, do not stay cooped up in your house. This will only increase and deteriorate your feelings of homesickness and loneliness. Instead, go out and explore your new neighbourhood. Pick out shops and stores that interest you, and maybe even check them out. Check out nearby theatres and malls, or look into modes of entertainment that you may avail. Talk to your neighbours and meet new people by exploring the neighbourhood. Creating new relationships at a new place will not only help you deal with feelings of isolation, but it will also provide you with a strong support system in an alien place in case you were to need it. Therefore, make sure to take some time out of your schedule, after moving to a new place, to explore it.

5.    Decorate your new house

Another tip to help you move in alone would be to decorate your house as you like. You will have no one holding you back from decorating your living space as your heart desires. Decorating your house will also give you something else to think about than about your loneliness or your old home or your family. You can take it as a little project to help you take your mind away from things, while also getting the work of setting up the house done. Filling up the house with stuff you like and enjoy will help you move into it and settle down more easily, even if you are alone. You can go for inspirational quotes, colourful rugs, framed sceneries, etc, to add a spice to your new house, on a budget. Read on to know more about How to make your new house feel like home.  

Keep in mind how and where you will procure your daily groceries from when moving in. As you are alone, you will need to take care of yourself and your health so as not to fall sick or turn to unhealthy habits. Thus, finding and selecting stores that sell high quality healthy foodstuff at an affordable rate is very necessary. You can go grocery store hunting after you move in, as you will be needing to cook meals soon. If possible, create a rapport with grocery store owners in your new neighbourhood. You may be favoured with fresh fruits and vegetables, and also discounts more regularly than other customers.

7.    Buy essentials in bulk

Buy and store essential goods in bulk, so as to not run out of them in times of emergency. Always stock up your medicine cabinet with whatever medicines and supplements you may need to take on a day-to-day basis. Keep a reserve of paper towels. Detergents, soap, washing products should also be present in your house at all times. Also stock up on nonperishable food items, in case of emergency situations. Stocking up and buying reserve items will help you in future if you face any unpleasant situation.


Moving can be a taxing experience, especially if you have to do it alone. To be able to make a move to a new place alone, you need to build self-reliance and a quickness to action and decision making, skills which will help you undertake such actions with less apprehension. In the article above, we have gone over 7 tips that you should keep in mind and imbibe in your day-to-day life after a move to a new place to help make the process smoother for you. Choosing the correct packers and movers from Chennai to Coimbatore will help you experience a smooth move and take care of extraneous details of your move while you may concentrate on the more delicate ones.

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