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What are the Top 5 Affordable Places to Live in Bangalore?

5 Affordable places in Bangalore

What are the Top 5 Affordable Places to Live in Bangalore?


Bengaluru is India’s largest IT hub and was formerly known as Bangalore. In addition to being a true metropolis, it is a mingling place for various ethnicities, cultures, and religions. More than 9 million people call the southern city home, making it India’s third most populated metropolis after Mumbai and Delhi. Bengaluru is home to one of the world’s most highly educated labour forces and is renowned for its opulent temples, exciting nightlife, lively populace, and never-ending traffic jams. Bangalore has long been a popular place for both real estate developers and homeowners to relocate because of its diversified population, high housing demand, and expanding employment prospects. The city is one of the most sought-after for the thriving student population because it offers lucrative possibilities and budgets that are built only for them. The city is currently renowned for having a high cost of living and serves as the jewel in the crown of South India. As is the case with every other IT hotspot in the world, when major MNCs move to a city, other major brands follow, driving up the cost of real estate. This list would be very helpful if you’re seeking for a list of the most reasonably priced places to reside in Bengaluru or other cities. Read on to find out more about the various cities in Bengaluru that provide cheap living conditions.

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1.    Malleshwaram

One of the most cost-effective and convenient areas to live in Bengaluru in 2023 also happens to be one of the greatest well-planned neighbourhoods on the list. Malleshwaram, a neighbourhood in the western part of the city, is renowned for having some of the best heritage cafes, including Central Tiffin Room and Veena Stores. With places like Rajajinagar, Sheshadripuram, and Kempegowda Bus Terminus, it is also fortunate to have excellent connectivity. The average rate for a 1 BHK flat does not exceed the range of Rs. 7200- Rs. 8000. The place has access to a number of social amenities at an arm’s distance. Malleswaram Ladies Association First Grade, Government First Grade College are few of the educational institutions known widely in that area. Manipal Hospital, K. C. General Hospital and other such clinics and hospitals also provide 24-hour service and aid to anyone in need. For recreational purposes, Malleshwaram also has a number of public parks and malls for people to enjoy themselves in.

2.    Kengeri

Kengeri, one of the notable areas in West Bangalore, is also referred to as the Satellite Town of Bangalore. The area is teeming with inexpensive housing options that come with all the essential facilities. With Mysore Road, NICE Road, and the Outer Ring Road, the area has excellent access to these roads. Kengeri has drawn a lot of interest from real estate developers and buyers looking for high-quality homes at reasonable prices because of its advantageous location, plenty of space, suitable social infrastructure, existence of business and retail spaces, and connectivity to Bangalore’s prime locations. The appeal of Kengeri is enhanced by its improved accessibility thanks to Namma metro, which is now accessible from all parts of the city. The average rate for a 1 BHK flat does not exceed the range of Rs. 8700- Rs. 10000. The place has access to a number of social amenities within range. PM Santosha College, H.K. Hospital are few of the well-known hospitals around with excellent service. Kengeri is also the home to a number of educational institutions, such as the Kengeri Pre University College, Kengeri First Grade College and such. Parks such as Kengeri Satellite Town Park and a number of malls are also present in the locality for entertainment purposes.

3.    Chandapura

In Chandapura, a residential neighbourhood in Bangalore, potential homeowners have a wide range of options, all at reasonable prices. The neighbourhood is close to the NH-7, the airport, the metro station, the railway station, and the bus stop. Electronic City, the South Bangalore IT hub, is about 8 km distant from the area. The area, which is distinguished by the presence of reputable developers offering standalone villas and multi-story apartments, has had sustained price growth over the past few years. The average rate for a 1 BHK flat does not exceed the range of Rs. 8200- Rs. 9200. The place has access to a number of social utilities within close range. Lorven College of Science & Management, Tapasya Pu College- these are some of the colleges present in Chandapura for students to pursue higher studies, along with a number of primary and secondary schools. Chandapura also has a number of clinics and hospitals, including the Athreya Hospital. Malls like SRT Mall and a number of public parks are open to the inhabitants for most parts of the day to enjoy oneself.

4.    Sarjapur

One of Bangalore’s fastest-growing towns, Sarjapur is situated in the southeast of the city and has excellent connectivity with Whitefield, Electronic City, External Bypass, and many more significant parts of the city. Sarjapur has a variety of housing constructions, including apartments and villas, and is one of the most sought-after locations for investments and living. Sarjapur has greatly benefited from the establishment of a number of multiplexes, supermarkets, malls, and educational institutions, resulting in it being one of the most promising micro-markets for all kinds of consumers. The average rate for a 1 BHK flat does not exceed the range of Rs. 9500- Rs. 11000. The place has access to a number of social amenities within close range. Columbia Asia Hospital, Swarnamukhi Hospital are a number of medical institutions present in the area. Sarjapur also houses a number of educational establishments like ALT Training College, St. Jerome’s PU & Degree College

5.    Hoskote

An additional attractive real estate location is Hoskote, sometimes known as Neo Bangalore, which is situated where National Highways 207 and 4 meet. Increased real estate activity has been observed in Hoskote as a result of the area’s strategic position, which provides quick access to all social facilities, and the growth of the IT/ITeS industry. By way of the 188 km Intermediate Ring Road, the neighbourhood is well connected to the Whitefield and Krishnarajapuram train stations as well as other areas of the city. Projects to improve connectivity along the Peripheral Ring Road are also anticipated to accelerate the expansion of the local real estate market, making this area a serious contender in the city’s real estate market. The average rate for a 1 BHK flat does not exceed the range of Rs. 8500- Rs. 10000. The place has access to a number of social utilities scattered around the locality. Mahadev PU College, Government First Grade College are a number of institutions of education present in Hoskote. The area also houses a number of hospitals and clinics, such as Ovum Woman & Child Speciality Hospital.

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In this article, we have highlighted five top affordable places to live in Bengaluru. All these places have relatively low rent, and the price of commodities and other necessary services also do not hike up much in these areas. If you are looking for a pocket friendly city to settle down in, you may keep these sites in mind. 

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