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Tips to Pack a Messy House for Relocation

Tips to Pack a Messy House for Relocation

Tips to Pack a Messy House for Relocation


It can be intimidating and challenging to manage packing a house and relocating the household things safely. And packing a cluttered, disorganised home might be considerably harder and more intimidating when you’re already moving out. It won’t be simple to pack a disorganised home by yourself. It’s more difficult than you might imagine to pack a cluttered home since you won’t know where to begin or how to do it properly. Calculating the proper amount of the various types of packing materials you require is one of the most difficult tasks involved in packing up your belongings for a do-it-yourself home move. It could be very challenging to determine what kind of packing goods will be needed and in what quantity when there is clutter everywhere.

If you have a house move coming up and are unsure about how to pack and where to begin, keep reading. In this article, we have summed up a number of tips for you to keep in mind while you pack for relocation. These straightforward packing suggestions will help you pack even the messiest and least organised home quickly and effectively. Read on to learn more how you can help make your packing and moving experience smoother with the help of RKS Transport .

  1. Plan beforehand

Moving is a stressful experience, so you can make it easier for you by choosing the right packers and movers such as RKS Transport. When packing a disorganised home, starting at random is one of the worst things one can do. You could quickly become disoriented if you begin packing your belongings in a random manner. You will also end up making extra boxes if you don’t pack well. Or you might even forget to pack something and run out of the necessary supplies. 

The time you spend handling packing materials will ultimately take longer than the time you spend packing household items. Consequently, it’s critical to have a solid packing strategy, especially if you’re packing a disorganised home. You need to be mindful of what major household goods you need to pack, what loose items you need to be cognizant of, and sort out vendors to provide you with packaging goods. It is advised to procure packaging goods such as cardboard boxes, bubble-wrap sheets or Styrofoam, labels and markers at an earlier time. 

The aim is to start with the fundamentals and make a plan for what you need, what you have, and how to proceed. Planning ahead a little bit before you start the difficult work of packing a cluttered house might help a lot.

  1. Sorting your belongings

It may also help you out in your packing process to inventory your house, so as to the physical process of packing becomes smoother. Knowing exactly what you’re up against will help you pack up a messy house more quickly, and the easiest way to do so is to make a thorough inventory of every item in your house. Because you haven’t used them in a long time, the inventorying activity frequently reveals items that you had forgotten about. 

Sorting through items is one of the most important processes in packing up a cluttered residence. Knowing what to transfer and what to discard might be critical. If you pack everything you’ve accumulated over time, you’ll end up double the size of your relocation. This will not only require more effort while packing, but it will also make the transfer much more expensive for you. Naturally, as the number of boxes increases, so will the cost of shifting, transportation, and handling. 

All of the headaches of packing a cluttered and filthy house can be simply avoided with good organising. Holding onto unnecessary belongings will only act as hurdles for a smooth packing and move. Broken trinkets, old and worn-out clothes, damaged books and other unusable objects- discard all such stuff as they will only weigh you down.

  1. Discard unwanted items

Many objects that you don’t want to bring with you to your new home will be discovered while packing and moving a large, dirty house. It might be difficult to get rid of these things, especially if there are a lot of them. These items really can’t be disposed of. Instead, you can recoup the cost of moving by selling some of these items.

There will be a lot of objects in a messy house that may still be in fine condition, but you don’t want to transport them to your new place. Such household items are simple to sell for considerably less money. By posting such products on online classified platforms, you can quickly locate purchasers. 

When you have products you don’t really want to sell, you can donate them to a charitable organisation or someone in need. This could include products that are in good condition or that are inexpensively and quickly repairable. When nothing else can be sold or given away, you can discard any objects that are still in your possession. Remember, you need to make your house ready for the movers to arrive. Therefore, it is advised to have gotten rid of all your unwanted items before the movers show up.

  1.   Pack judiciously

One of the simplest methods to pack a messy house for a move is to clear out all the clutter before beginning to pack intelligently. When you have decided what you want to move and what you want to throw away, it’s time to plan your packing approach.

One of the primary rules of thumb is to properly examine the inventory and know what sorts of packaging materials will be necessary. Because different objects require different forms of packaging, the movers prefer to undertake a home inspection before presenting a quote. Home inspections assist them in estimating the quantity and type of packing supplies required to safely store these items. Thus, it is necessary for you to give it enough thought before physically starting to pack. Based on your instruction and guidance, RKS Transport will pack everything.

One of the most important guidelines to remember when packing a cluttered house is to take your time. Because you are not a professional, you cannot pack the entire house in one sitting. So, take it slowly and develop a routine that works for you. In the event of a do-it-yourself home move, packing a single space at a time works nicely.

Put the correct label on each of the moving containers and packed objects now that you’ve finished packing. The label should basically include the name of the room, the objects, and the handling instructions. The boxes must be checked once the label has been applied, and if everything seems good, the boxes can be sealed. The weight of the boxes should never be greater than their strength, therefore don’t forget to verify that. Therefore, it makes sense to place fewer than 15 kg within a box if it can transport up to that weight.

  1. Think about your move parallelly with packing

It is important to also be cognizant of your move when you are packing. The date of your move needs to be clear in your mind, so as not to leave you in a hurry on the last few days of packing. Also, be mindful of what vehicle you are moving in. If you are booking movers, make sure to get in touch with them to inform them about your packages and which packages contain what kinds of material. 

During the move, ensure that your packages are placed in a proper structure and manner. Do not place heavier stuff above boxes containing lighter or brittle stuff, like glassware. Also, ensure that your boxes and other packages are properly packed and sealed before starting your move. Neglect in this criterion may lead your belongings getting damaged due to rain or other natural elements.


Packing a disorganised home by yourself may get stressful and exhausting. Numerous problems can be prevented by properly planning, preparing, and packing. The first thing you should do while packing a terribly congested house is to get started early. Then separate the objects you want to move from those that need to be thrown away, sold, or given. 

Approaching the issue in such a structural, step-wise manner will make it easier for you to go about with it and make the entire process much smoother and time-efficient. Thus, this home shifting service in Chennai is your one-way ticket to a more effortless and methodical packing and moving experience.

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