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How to Handle Homesickness After Moving

How to handle homesickness

How to Handle Homesickness After Moving


Homesickness after moving is something that a lot of people may face. Leaving one’s home and neighborhood behind for a relatively new environment may come as a huge step for a number of people. This event may be marked by feelings of anxiety, fear, and apprehension before and during the process of moving, giving way to feelings of homesickness after moving to the new place. 

We’ve all experienced homesickness—a desire for our comfortable, familiar surroundings that we’ve all in some way helped to construct. You frequently experience this with any kind of transformation. Regardless of how you’re feeling, it’s normal to miss your old house after moving. This is because humans experience powerful emotions when their surroundings are familiar and they have routines. 

Even during the process of the move, such feelings may arise. During such times, availing help of home shifting services in Chennai may help to alleviate such feelings by making the process of moving easier. To learn more tips about dealing with homesickness, read on.

  1. Select a Home Moving Service

One of the primary choices you need to make is choosing a proper and reputed company to help you in your packing and moving process. Choosing a good company will decrease the amount of pressure on you to get things done and everything ready within a set time. It will be able to help you wind down before your move and face the move with a much clearer, less cluttered head and mind. Doing so will help you deal better with any feelings of anxiety, fear, or sadness that may arise during the process of the move, and handle them in a much more mature and decent way.

A reputed packing and moving service will also make the entire process much smoother for you, as they will take on much of the physical work associated with moving. According to that criterion, RKS Transport appears to be a very useful choice of packers and movers, as they have a reputation for being easy to work with and extremely efficient.

  1. Remember to stay healthy

Self-care is crucial at all times, but it’s particularly critical if you’re feeling homesick. Exercise is a good place to start.  In addition to making you feel better overall during a time of transition, this helps relieve despair and anxiety. As an extra bonus, it’s simple to exercise outside the house and pair it with other strategies for easing homesickness, like socialising and avoiding junk food. Intake of high quantities of junk food may make you sick, which may lead to deterioration of your physical, as well as mental, health. Avoiding junk food for a few weeks after moving into a new place will help you stay in good health.

  1. Get out of the house as much as you can

Staying cooped up in your new home may lead you to have increasing thoughts about your last home. In such a situation, getting out of your house to explore your new neighborhood appears to be ideal. Isolation will just make you more homesick. While your new house may feel like a safe haven away from your unsettling new surroundings, it could just as easily turn into a cage that prevents you from completely appreciating everything that is lovely in your immediate vicinity. 

Make the decision to leave your house each day and interact with your new surroundings. Visit neighboring sights, eat at adjacent restaurants, or simply stroll around and look around. Consider picking up a new pastime that involves interaction with the outside world. You’ll spend more time out of your head the more time you spend outside of the house. Familiarizing yourself with your new neighborhood will not only help you navigate it at a later date, but also help you cope with feelings of homesickness.

  1. Socialize and get to know new people

While we do not advise breaking up with old friends, we do advise developing new ones. When you are far from your former residence, it is never a bad idea to establish a new network of support. Simply look for ways to participate in social events or volunteer positions that may be related to a passion of yours. 

There are various ways to establish a sense of belonging in your new place and to have friends and family you can rely on. Get to know your new neighbors, the shopkeepers at stores around your new place, and other people. Establishing new relationships and engaging and interacting with new people will give you something to do, and thus help you take your mind off thoughts of homesickness. Even if you do not enjoy socializing, just going out and familiarizing yourself with people in the building or on the same street may go a long way in the future.  

  1. Inculcate new habits

Creating new habits and practices in your new home may help you combat feelings of homelessness. You can try to model such habits after your habits and routines back at your old home. Using your old habits as a model may help you overcome a bit of the unfamiliarity associated with starting to settle down at your new place. 

Try to establish habits at your new home that you may have used earlier, such as keeping the glassware together or using two rugs instead of one. Even at the social level, try to push yourself to embrace your new environment and work out a routine for settling down. Mark out shops that contain goods and services you usually avail, check out the theater; go for an evening walk in the park every day. All such habits and practices will help you settle down in your new home more smoothly.

  1. Let yourself feel all the emotions you are feeling

Last but not least, let yourself feel your emotions. Do not bottle your feelings up. Dealing with emotions and bottling up feelings are two very different things- the latter being much more damaging. Sincerely, you do have some power over how you feel. Though you can embrace it, resist letting it define you. Accept what is fresh rather than holding on to what you have lost. Every time you feel the need, you can reach out to your friends and relatives back home. Nevertheless, it’s critical to establish fresh connections that can restore your sense of self. Sometimes you start to miss home even before you leave your old house and move into your new one. Read on to know more about How to make your new house feel like home.  

Sometimes you don’t feel anything until months have passed since you moved into your new home and the novelty of your circumstances has started to wear off. It’s crucial to identify and embrace the feelings for what they are, regardless of when they first appear. Homelessness can be experienced in a number of different ways, and there is no right or wrong way to feel about it. And just as you have no control over when it begins, you also shouldn’t worry about trying to influence when it ends. It is necessary to deal with such emotions in a healthy manner so as not to be afflicted by issues at a later date.


Homesickness is something anyone moving home experiences. One does not have control over what emotions they may be feeling during such times. Thus, it is very necessary to recognize them and work through them as and when they arise. Not dealing with homesickness may lead to unstable patterns in life at a later stage. To be able to properly assimilate oneself into their new environment, it is important to work through feelings of homesickness and create new patterns of life in the new context. Only then can one be a fully functioning individual. 

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